Frank Talon APRN

Frankie Talon is looking forward to leveraging his diverse experiences and robust education to provide comprehensive care to each patient, prioritizing their well-being and ensuring they receive the best possible treatment tailored to their unique needs.

Frank Talon is a dedicated healthcare professional, having recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a Doctor of Nursing Practice focusing on Adult Gerontology Acute Care. With a wealth of experience as a registered nurse, he has had the privilege of caring for numerous patients with primary gastrointestinal conditions. His passion for healthcare was ignited with a diverse background, having initially worked as a quality control specialist, where he traveled across the country to assist various facilities in enhancing their quality control protocols.

Frankie’s academic journey reflects his commitment to holistic understanding – he holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Biology with a minor in Psychology and the other in Nursing. Throughout his nursing career, he has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Med-Surg Nurse of the Year award. Notably, his dedication to academic excellence was acknowledged upon graduating from the Doctor of Nursing program where he received the Dean’s Award for achieving the highest GPA.

As an APRN, Frankie’s practice philosophy is anchored in evidence-based healthcare. He is steadfast in upholding the core nursing principles including respect for patient’s autonomy. In joining Digestive Health Associates, Frankie is enthusiastic about implementing the latest advancements in medical technology to benefit his patients, particularly those who may be seeking alternative treatments or facing challenges with their current healthcare regimens.

Board Certified

  • Nurse Practitioner

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