Colon Cancer Treatment

Some of the common warning signs of colon cancer may include abdominal pain, bloody stool, unexplained weight loss or cramps. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a gastroenterologist at Digestive Health Associates in Reno, Nevada for proper evaluation and treatment. Take the first step towards better digestive health by scheduling a medical appointment at our office located at 655 Sierra Rose Dr in Reno by calling 775-600-4717.

How Colon Cancer Spreads

All cancers begin when cells mutate, then infect nearby healthy cells, causing cancer to spread. Most colon cancers start out as harmless clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps that form inside the intestine. If these polyps are not removed in their early stages, they may grow into colon cancer over time. If those cancer cells travel through your bloodstream and spread to other areas of your body, a process called metastasis, the cancer is much harder to treat.

Our physicians have extensive experience in the diagnosis treatment of colon cancer. Consider meeting Dr. Ryan Sefcik or Dr. William Pfau to learn more about colon cancer screenings and colon cancer treatment in Reno.

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