Chronic Diarrhea Treatment

Chronic diarrhea can significantly impact your quality of life by limiting your social interactions. The emotional distress of being caught of guard by sudden urgency to go to the bathroom no matter where you are, compounded by the sheer physical discomfort associated with the condition can be debilitating. Diagnosis and treatment for chronic diarrhea are crucial for managing symptoms and improving your daily quality of life. Our seasoned gastroenterologists like Dr. Pfau or Dr. Huoang are committed to providing you with the personalized care you need in Reno, Nevada. Reach out for an appointment at our Digestive Health Center office located at 5250 Kietzke Lane in Reno.

Causes of Chronic Diahrrea

Chronic diarrhea is when you experience runny bowel movements for a period of two weeks or more. Chronic diarrhea has a multitude of causes, including infections from parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Pancreatic or intestinal disorders, intolerance to certain foods or reaction to medicine can also lead to the condition. If you are experiencing chronic diarrhea, you should see a gastroenterologist so they can investigate why it’s happening and make it stop.

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