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Digestive Health Associates offers an extensive clinical research program dedicated to helping patients struggling with a variety of gastrointestinal health disorders discover the latest and most innovative treatment options. Clinical research trials are the epicenter of medical advances, giving many patients the opportunity to experience a higher quality of life. From revolutionary drug therapies to trailblazing procedures, the research at Digestive Health Associates is transforming the lives of thousands of patients.

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Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

There are plenty of valuable reasons to participate in a clinical trial. Healthy volunteers often participate to be part of the ground-breaking community that advances medicine and science. Participants with an illness or disease often seek to help others, while potentially gaining vast benefits from the cutting-edge treatment options and specialized care and attention.

Find Out If You Qualify

Review the list of upcoming clinical trials at Digestive Health Associates. Click the button below to review the requirements for each trial. If you believe you meet these requirements, fill out the qualification form and submit for review. A research staff member will contact you to complete the qualification process.

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For Referring Physicians

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Clinical research is crucial to the mission of enriching health, prolonging life, and diminishing the burdens of disability and illness. Only through clinical research is it possible to find answers and gain insight into the safety and effectiveness of drugs and therapies. Recruiting clinical trial participants is essential to the success of medical research and advancing therapies.

Talking to Your Patients About Clinical Trials

If you have a patient that you believe could benefit from being part of a clinical trial, Digestive Health Associates will assist you in qualifying your patient. It is important that your patient is aware of the opportunity and agrees to be contacted by Digestive Health Associates for further review of their case.

When talking to your patient about participating in a clinical trial, ensure that they understand their disease or condition and then talk about the current, standard treatment options, followed by the clinical trials available.

How to Refer Your Patient to a Digestive Health Reno Clinical Trial

Review the list of upcoming clinical trials at Digestive Health Associates. Click the button below to review the requirements for each trial, submit your request to participate, or get more information.

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