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Colonoscopy probe

At-Home Colon Cancer Tests: Are They a Viable Alternative to a Colonoscopy?

The American Cancer Society has now lowered the recommended age for a first-time colon cancer screening
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Drink water and clear liquids to prepare for your colonoscopy

What to Expect at Your First Colonoscopy

It’s time for your first colonoscopy. The idea can be a little intimidating, but there’s no reason
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Colonoscopy prep party for colon cancer prevention

Cancer Prevention? Make It a Party!

Nobody really needs a reason to party, but if you want one, preventing cancer is a great reason to
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What is the best screening to prevent colon cancer? (Answer: Colonoscopy)

Colon Cancer Screenings: What Test is Best?

Colon cancer screening is essential for everyone and that includes you, regardless of your age. While US
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It's a fact: Colonoscopies save lives

The Life Saving Screening that Saves You Time & Money

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it
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A colonoscopy performed by a fellowship trained gastroenterologist is the only colon cancer screening method that both prevents and detects colon cancer

Colon Cancer of Awareness is Important for Everyone

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and there are three important things you need to know about colon
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Why women need to get screened for colon cancer

Why Women Need to Get Screened for Colon Cancer

Breast cancer awareness is important, and you and your friends may be wearing pink this October to
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